GE “Ecomagination” Photo Project

Speedshape and BBDO New York set forth to make a positive impact on the global environment in a recent collaboration with GE and Flickr on a new website using personal photos for charitable donations — designed and directed by moi.

The Ecomagination Photo Project is a first-of-it’s-kind 3D Flickr photo gallery allowing users to upload and tag photos that represent Wind, Water and Light, then share via Facebook and Twitter. And when I say 3D, I mean that actual Flickr photos are dynamically loaded and displayed in three separate 3D environments.

Every eligible Wind, Water and Light photo uploaded helps to reach the goals: 4.8 million gallons of clean water through the building of fresh water wells. 1.7 million hours of solar power through the donation of solar lanterns in east Timor. And 45,000 kW hours of energy created through small-scale wind turbines that will power health clinics in Rural Peru.

I’m proud to report that in only a few short weeks all of the goals have been reached. That’s what I would call a successful philanthropic campaign. Why not go visit the Ecomagination Photo Project to have a look at all of the photos?

While you’re there, search for my contributions via username nelsdrums.

Launch Project

Speedshape 2010 Digital Montage

Just in case you were wondering what I’ve been up to lately, here’s a compilation of some of our best digital work. All neatly packaged in a dynamic reel that totally rocks.

When you watch this, keep one thing in mind: All is computer generated imagery, except for people — which were real. At least, most of them were.

Optional small iphone version.

Lexus Dark Ride on L Studio

A five minute cut down of the Lexus “Dark Ride” project we completed visual effects for at Speedshape has been added to the L Studio website (another project I concepted while freelancing at Team One). While you’re watching, keep in mind that all exterior shots of the vehicle have been tracked and replaced with CG, and all action interior driving sequences were shot with a buck on a green screen stage.

Lexus Innovation Full Line Expanding Video Banner


In these stylized expanding video banners, users can explore three Lexus innovations per vehicle via hot spots and a building block nav. Featuring the entire Lexus fleet of twelve vehicles, these banners function more like a microsite. One of the many click-thru destinations is the Lexus Innovation section of

300×250 Expanding Video Banner
728×90 Expanding Video Banner
160×600 Expanding Video Banner

Don’t forget to  rollover to explore Lexus technology  so you can see my nifty transparent block wipe transitions.

Melissa Etheridge Holiday CD Design

I was pretty excited for a few weeks at the beginning of the summer. I had an opportunity to do some comps for Melissa Etheridge’s upcoming holiday release, A New Thought For Christmas (released 9/30/08). The theme was global peace and tolerance. I came up with an iconic solution, which I can’t say I’ve seen before. A simple, graphic Christmas tree made out of peace signs. Melissa saw my comps and was thrilled to choose this one for the cover. I was psyched to think that I could add this to my collection of rocking holiday CDs!

About six weeks later, I got the unfortunate news from the Island Records representative that they decided to go with something else. C’est la vie.

While I admit their design is quite nice, I think my design would have looked way cooler featured in the iTunes music store. What do you think?

L Studio Beta

L Studio, the broadband entertainment community that I designed for Lexus, launched its beta last week. What is L Studio? Here’s what Reuters news agency had to say…

“The carmaker is launching an Internet-only branded channel Tuesday (September 23) stocked with a full slate of original programing headlined by [Lisa] Kudrow [from Friends] in a shortform comedy series in which she plays a nutty shrink.

In an effort to keep the buzz going for the project, Lexus plans to recruit more celebrity contributors in the coming months. For now, the rest of L Studio is an eclectic mix of high-toned nonfiction programing that concerns everything from art to architecture to science. Some notable figures who are profiled on the site include the Doors’ Ray Manzarek and designer Patricia Field.

Taken together, the connective thread between the programing mix and the Lexus brand, Blanchard said, is the theme of innovation. “We kind of look at ourselves as a broadband HBO,” she said. “Being on broadband in and of itself is innovative for a lot of these artists.”

I can’t wait until it’s finished, and everything is running smoothly. Lisa Kudrow’s “Web Therapy” series is pretty damn funny! And so is Starlee and Arthur Review. Go check it out.

—– here’s a positive review of the content.

—– here’s an article from the Hollywood Reporter.

Creative Director, Speedshape

From the press release…

“Speedshape, Inc, with offices in Birmingham, MI and Venice, CA and providing services including CGI 3D/2d modeling, animation, virtual environments, VFX, motion, film, multimedia design, pre/post production, retouching, web design, digital asset management, distribution, closed captioning, and tagging has hired Nels Dielman as Sr. Creative Director.”

Wow. That is a mouthful. Stay tuned for updates.